2015-2016 Schedule

9/14 - Harold George, historian, The Allegheny Arsenal

10/12 - Tom McMahon, Williamsburg Battlefield Associatioon, The Battle of Williamsburg

11/9 - Wayne Motts, CEO of the National Civil War Museum, Fighting the Civil War: Historical Treasures of the Conflict in teh Collection of the NCWM

12/14 - David G, Moore, Vice-President, author and historian, William S. Rosecrans and the Union Victory

1/11 - Eric Campbell, Ranger at Cedar Creek NMP, Early and His Army in the 1864 Valley Campaign

2/8 - Hugh Mullen, historian, (impression) Sgt. Smith Stimmel, Body Guard to President Lincoln

3/14 - Stephen M. Hood, Descendant of General John Bell Hood, The Lost Letters of Confederate General John Bell Hood

4/11 - Tom Kirker, co-founder of the MVCWRT, TBA

5/9 - John Michael Priest, historian and author, Gettysburg: the Soldiers' Perspective of the Fighting at Sickles's Salient


David Tod (bio pending)

MVCWRT logoDavid Tod (1805-1868) was born in Youngstown and served as governor of Ohio for two years during the war.

David Tod